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Sonny Sharrock, a pioneer of free jazz guitar, lived in Ossining New York as a youth before moving to New York City and later touring the world as one of his genre's most brilliant and innovative minds. His career spanned more than two decades and nearly 50 albums, earning him domestic and international acclaim for his "blistering speed and raw noise that created music that had both the openness and of jazz and the power of rock." (New York Times, 1994)

In 2010, Sharrock was honored in two special ways in his hometown of Ossining, NY. The mayor's office officially renamed S. Malcolm Street to Sonny Sharrock Way and the sign was erected on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at a touching ceremony which turned out a large crowd of family, friends and fans. Sharrock was also inducted into Ossining High School's Hall of Fame along with Peter Falk, another Ossining native of who Sharrock was a big fan.

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