Sonny Sharrock

Most of us live hoping that at least once in our lives someone will touch our heart and soul in a way that makes us believe that everything we wish for is possible. That same someone has the clairvoyance to see through our frailties and fears and find the single place in us that deserves unconditional love. The experience may last for a moment or until humanity has its way. But you never forget its impact.

The world knew Sonny in a way that I am still discovering. This man who could command your emotions to feel things they would otherwise deny or repel. This man who was a complex dichotomy between musician and mortal. This man who championed "live free" unless he had you in grips of his melodies from which there was not an escape. Always giving but demanding as well in a way that is difficult to define, like his music, unless you truly know who he is. It's also amazing to me that he is still teaching me about me even in death; in fact, maybe more so. You left so much behind in the hopes that I will find my path to where it is I want to go. It's so tempting to say always stay with me but I suspect that somehow misses the whole point of your presence. Rock, you were right all along.