Sonny Sharrock

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Album Label Writer Date
Teenage Lover's Lullabye unreleased Sonny Sharrock 1957
Tauhid Impulse! Pharoah Sanders 1966
Marzette Watts ESP Marzette Watts 1966
It's Not Up To Us Vortex Byard Lancaster 1968
Memphis Underground Atlantic Herbie Mann 1968
Windows Open Atlantic Herbie Mann 1968
Stoned Soul Picnic Atlantic Roy Ayers 1968
The Evolution of Man Atlantic Herbie Mann 1972
Black Woman Vortex Sonny Sharrock 1969
Concerto Grosso in D Blues Atlantic Herbie Mann 1968
Eternal Rhythm MPS Don Cherry 1968
Stone Flutes Embryo Herbie Mann 1968
Izipho Zam Strata East Pharoah Sanders 1969
Live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go Atlantic Herbie Mann 1969
Daddy Bug Atco Roy Ayers 1969
Daddy Bug and Friends Atco Roy Ayers 1969
Super Nova Blue Note Wayne Shorter 1969
A Tribute to Jack Johnson Columbia Miles Davis 1970
Monkey-Pockie-Boo BYG Actuel Sonny Sharrock 1970
Brute Force Embryo Brute Force 1970
Green Line Storyville Steve Marcus 1970
Hold On, I'm Comin Atlantic Herbie Mann 1972
Newport in New York Cobblestone Herbie Mann 1972
Another Place Soundtrack unreleased Sonny Sharrock 1973
Paradise Atco Sonny Sharrock 1975
Improvised Music Mu Works Sonny Sharrock 1981
Memory Serves Elektra S. Sharrock/B. Laswell 1982
Dance With Me, Montana Marge Sonny Sharrock 1982
Last Exit Enemy P. Brotzman/S. Jackson/B. Laswell/S.Sharrock 1986
Last Exit: Koln Concert ITM P. Brotzman/S. Jackson/B. Laswell/S.Sharrock 1986
Last Exit: Noise of Trouble Enemy P. Brotzman/S. Jackson/B. Laswell/S.Sharrock 1986
Guitar Enemy Sonny Sharrock 1986
No Material ITM Ginger Baker 1987
Last Exit: Cassette Recordings Enemy/Celluloid P. Brotzman/S. Jackson/B. Laswell/S.Sharrock 1987
Seize the Rainbow Enemy Sonny Sharrock 1987
Machine Gun Mu Works Machine Gun 1988
Last Exit: Iron Path Venture P. Brotzman/S. Jackson/B. Laswell/S.Sharrock 1988
Last Exit: Headfirst Into The Flames Mu Works P. Brotzman/S. Jackson/B. Laswell/S.Sharrock 1989
Open Fire MUNY Machine Gun 1989
Live In New York Enemy Sonny Sharrock 1989
Sonogram Mu Works Pheeroan Aklaff 1989
Where You Lay Your Head Verve Bill Cosby 1990
Faith Moves CMP S. Sharrock/N. Skopelitas 1990
Highlife Enemy Sonny Sharrock 1990
Live at the Knitting Factory A&M Various Artists 1990
Ask the Ages Axiom Sonny Sharrock 1991
Space Ghost: Coast to Coast Cartoon Network Sonny Sharrock 1993
Lost in the Translation Axiom S.Sharrock/B. Laswell 1994