Sonny Sharrock

1940 - Warren Harding Sharrock, Jr. is born in Ossining, NY to Arruth Artis Sharrock and Warren Harding Sharrock, Sr. on August 27th

1954 - Sharrock begins performing with the doo-wop group, The Echoes

1957 - The Echoes record "Teenage Lover's Lullabye" in December

1961 - Sharrock begins studying composition at the Berklee School of Music

1965 - Sharrock relocates to New York City and became the guitarist for Olatunji's group after an informal meeting with Sun Ra, Marshall Allen and Pat Patrick - additionally he begins playing with John Gilmore, John Ore, Dave Burr, Marzette Watts and Byard Lancaster

1967 - Sharrock begins performing with Herbie Mann and appears on Don Cherry's Eternal Rhythm

1969 - Sharrock is featured on Wayne Shorter's Super Nova - he also releases his first album as a leader, Black Woman

1970 - Sharrock makes an uncredited appearance on Miles Davis' A Tribute to Jack Johnson - he also releases his second album Monkey-Pockie-Boo (named after the childhood nicknames of himself and his younger brother and sister)

1972 - Sharrock leaves Herbie Mann's group and formed his own band, Sharrock

1975 - Sharrock releases his third album, Paradise

1978 - Sharrock and Linda divorce

1979 - Sharrock's daughter, Jasmyn is born

1980 - Sharrock accepts an offer to open for guitarist James "Blood" Ulmer

1982 - Sharrock releases Memory Serves with Bill Laswell and forms the group Last Exit featuring himself, Bill Laswell, Peter Brotzmann and Ronald Shannon Jackson

1984 - Sharrock marries second wife Dannette "Nettie" Hill, mother of Jasmyn

1986 - Last Exit releases Koln and Sharrock releases Guitar, a solo album

1987 - Sharrock releases Seize the Rainbow featuring Melvin Gibbs, Abe Speller and Pheeroan Aklaff - he also begins playing with the group, Machine Gun

1990 - Sharrock perfoms with guitarist Nicky Skopelitis on Faith Moves - he also releases Highlife featuring Charles Baldwin, Dave Snider, Abe Speller and Lance Carter who would formally become known as the Sonny Sharrock Band

1991 - Sharrock released Ask the Ages - a long time goal of Sharrock's, featuring Pharoah Sanders, Elvin Jones and Charnett Moffett.

1992 - Sharrock co-founds local jazz venue, One Station Plaza in Ossining, NY

1993 - Sharrock is named one of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of the 20th Century" in the February issue of Musician Magazine

1993 - Sharrock composes and records the theme music for Cartoon Network's Space Ghost: Coast to Coast - he also mourns the loss of his younger sister, Sharron

1994 - At 53, Sharrock dies of a heart attack on Thursday, May 26th, days before signing a major record deal with RCA

2002 - JazzTimes names Sharrock one of "The 10 Most Underrated Guitarists in the History of Jazz"